Hi, everyone! I’m really excited to say that the Kickstarter campaign to get the next Blow The Cartridge comic book printed is now live! And we’re already almost across the line! Amazing! Blow The Cartridge #6 is 36 pages (maybe more?) of awesome retrogaming goodness collecting the latest comics from […]

Blow The Cartridge #6 Kickstarter

Hello! In my spare time (ha, ha, ha) I am an editor, writer and comic artist for the best Commodore 64 magazine around: Reset 64! And we are all very proud of this, the latest issue. You can read it for free and, like, all the great C64 mags of […]

Reset 64 #9

Free Comic Book Day is one of the best days of the year – you can walk into pretty much any comic shop on the planet, and walk out with free comics! OK, not just ANY comic – you can’t just go grab a copy of Amazing Fantasy 15 and […]

Free Comic Book Day 2016

Welcome to Cameron Davis Creative, my new blog and portfolio site. I basically needed a home for all the stuff that I make all the time, and a simple place to point people to who want to know more about what I can do for their creative projects. Thanks for […]

10 PRINT “Hello world!”