The latest Rose comic sees her applying for a job, and then the interview goes sideways. As they tend to do around here… Rose Gets A Job Interview

Rose: Rose Gets A Job Interview

Hello! I’m happy to announce that I will be having a table at the Brisbane Video Game & Pop Culture Market on July 24! From the event’s Facebook page: Shady Palms is proud to host the third ‘BRISBANE VIDEO GAME & POP CULTURE MARKET’ featuring some of Queensland’s finest purveyors of […]

Brisbane Video Game & Pop Culture Market

The latest Blow The Cartridge takes a look at the slow, agonising death that Rastan suffered a lot, especially when I played it. Rastan

Blow The Cartridge: Rastan Saga

This week’s Blow The Cartridge comic features the Activision classic Pastfinder, and I heard later that the creator of the game liked the comic! YAY! Pastfinder

Blow The Cartridge: Pastfinder

Hello! In my spare time (ha, ha, ha) I am an editor, writer and comic artist for the best Commodore 64 magazine around: Reset 64! And we are all very proud of this, the latest issue. You can read it for free and, like, all the great C64 mags of […]

Reset 64 #9

On Saturday I debuted Rose #3 at the Comic Street Markets here in Brisbane! How did it go? You should read my blog post about it 🙂 Comic Street Markets Was Awesome!

Comic Street Markets

Hello! I am super, super, super  proud to say that Rose #3 is now available on the shop! Not only is it the latest issue but it’s also my favourite. It’s 24 pages of an eternally hungry redhead as she attempts to be an adult but then gets distracted by haloumi […]

Shop: Rose #3 Now Available!