This week’s Blow The Cartridge comic features the Sega classic Ecco! Not many people finished this game. Heck, not many people finished the first level. Ecco The Dolphin

Blow The Cartridge: Ecco

I was lucky enough to be asked to appear on the latest episode of the magnificent Press Play On Tape Podcast, which is now online! Press Play On Tape is a retrogaming podcast that focuses on the games for the ’80s home computers, and I heartily recommend listening to every […]

Press Play On Tape Podcast

This Saturday, June 11 will see the first ever Comic Street Markets in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall, and I will be attending! Comic Street Markets will showcase over 30 of Brisbane’s comic makers and of course is free to come check out. There’s a lot of talent on display and […]

Comic Street Markets

In this brand new Rose comic strip our favourite hungry redhead tried to get her drivers license! It does not end well. Rose Takes Her Driving Test

Rose: Rose Takes Her Driving Test

In an effort to clear out my giant, humongous piles of retrogaming gear I have accumulated over my many years of collecting, I’ve decided to sell them directly through the shop here on this site. With flat rate shipping and the convenience of Paypal, how can you go wrong? I’ve […]

Shop: Retrogaming Gear Added

This week’s Blow The Cartridge features Nintendo’s awesome microgame collection Warioware, it’s a game not for the slow-witted: Warioware

Blow The Cartridge: Warioware

For a change, this week’s episode of Rose doesn’t have Rose in it at all! It’s about her best friend Nessa and the real threat of running: Nessa Enters The Big Race

Rose: Nessa Enters The Big Race

This week’s Blow The Cartridge features Galaga, but is mainly about how young people make me feel sometimes… Galaga

Blow The Cartridge: Galaga

This week’s new Rose comic sees her visiting Italy, one of the most beautiful places on the planet, full of culture and life and endless adventures! Rose Visits Italy

Rose: Rose Visits Italy

Free Comic Book Day is one of the best days of the year – you can walk into pretty much any comic shop on the planet, and walk out with free comics! OK, not just ANY comic – you can’t just go grab a copy of Amazing Fantasy 15 and […]

Free Comic Book Day 2016