Blow The Cartridge #4 Print Edition


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This pulse-pounding fourth issue of Blow The Cartridge will THRILL your senses, FILL you with laughter and KILL that annoying neighbour of yours that mows the yard too early on a Sunday morning. (OK maybe that’s too much)

Blow The Cartridge #4 contains 40 (FORTY!) pages of retrogaming comics about all your favourite games! The secret crimes of Duck Hunt, the weird pleasures of Mario Golf, my misadventures running a video game character employment agency and, of course, way too many comics about Street Fighter games. I’m an addict and need help.

There’s also a host of exclusive, never-before-seen comics about Virtua Racing, Sonic 3 and The Untouchables, AND a giant comic about the first time I ever played a video game – the incredible Pooyan! AND EVEN MORE! MAN!

Lemme tell you folks – this comic looks LUSCIOUS in print. Thick paper, rich colours, and heck it even SMELLS great. This comic just feels great to hold in your hand and it’s a great read too, so that’s a plus!