Blow The Cartridge #5 Print Edition


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This mind-altering fifth issue of Blow The Cartridge is jam-packed with the latest developments in the world of retrogaming, guaranteed to fill the hole in your heart that only comics can fix!

Blow The Cartridge 5 is a whopping 48 pages – the largest issue yet – and full of comics about your beloved games! We delve into the resurgence of Pocky & Rocky, the dark criminal past of Donkey Kong, how to harrass the president of Nintendo and get away with it, and, yep, more dumb comics about Street Fighter.

And as an extra bonus, there’s some exclusive, never-before-seen comics about my love of Game And Watch games, the weirdness of Rogue, the tragedy of Pokemon Stadium, and how David Bowie in Labyrinth is just cool. It’s the best Blow The Cartridge comic book yet!