Blow The Cartridge #6 – Digital Edition


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Blow The Cartridge, your favourite retrogaming comic book, is back in a brand new 40 page full colour issue!

Includes bonus comics never before seen, including Interstate ’76, Contra 3, Goldeneye 64, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask the awesomeness of Donkey Kong ’94!

And yes, there’s another Street Fighter comic – about the time I accidentally became a drug runner while trying to buy Super Street Fighter 2 because buying Street Fighter games always ends in grief.

ALSO! Blow The Cartridge #6 features an incredible cover by the one and only Ant Stiller, and it’s worth buying just for that booy howdy it looks amazing!

Check out this awesome digital comic that you can read on every device imaginable! We also have a very cool print edition available!


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