Rose #1 – Print Edition


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Rose is a girl who loves food, her family, food, her friends, food, animals or all types, food and did I mention food? The stories in this comic are about the trouble she gets into trying to get all these things.

It’s a family-friendly, full-color 24 page comic in the vein of Archie (more like Lil’ Jinx meets Jughead, to be accurate) with good natured, silly stories that will make you laugh and feel like Rose is a cool new friend you want to hang out with.

In this brand-new premiere issue, Rose rides an elephant, hunts down the perfect potato, accidentally sends her gran to the poor house and eats way too much ice cream…and much more!

This is the physical version of the comic – a lusciously printed full sized comic book on gorgeous paper that looks absolutely smashing – but there’s also a digital version available!


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