Super Blow The Cartridge Print Edition


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Super Blow The Cartridge collects Blow The Cartridge #1-3 in a smart 120+ page volume that also contains a ridiculous amount of extras!

Revisit all the games you wasted your youth on and rediscover what made them so weird, wild and wonderful in the first place. The book is jam-packed with comics about the our love of classic video games and why they’re still so important to us today.

Super Blow The Cartridge

Highlights include the secret of Final Fight, Last Ninja’s biggest challenge, Bomberman’s latest adventures, life lessons learned from Rampage, the hidden origin of New Zealand Story, the shame of Bubble Bobble, Super Mario’s new hobbies, the sequel to Donkey Kong Country that should have been, Pac-Man’s untimely death and way too many comics about my sordid history with Street Fighter games!


THRILL to the sight of 20 exclusive bonus comics not seen anywhere else – including the epic Why Street Fighter Alpha 2 Is My Secret Best Friend – and remastered versions of the classics!

Super Blow The Cartridge

GASP at the behind the scenes look at how I make comics – right before your very eyes!

DELIGHT at the looks of jealousy on the faces of your friends, coworkers and parole officers as you show off that you have this comic and they don’t!

And that’s not all! EVERY COPY is signed and has a personalised sketch inside it, which makes it even more awesome.