Free Comic Book Day 2016

Free Comic Book Day is one of the best days of the year – you can walk into pretty much any comic shop on the planet, and walk out with free comics!

OK, not just ANY comic – you can’t just go grab a copy of Amazing Fantasy 15 and make a run for it – there’s specially-marked brand new comics up for grabs that publishers make specially for the event.

One of my favourite comic shops ever, Secret Identity in Brisbane, had a special Free Comic Book Day event on Saturday and invited some local comic artists to draw sketches for attendees. I was fortunate enough to be asked to be one of them!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a comic shop on Free Comic Book Day, so I was surprised by the number of people lining up and filling out the store! It was a great turn out and I was particularly impressed with the diversity of people checking out comics, some for the first time in ages. If Free Comic Book Day can introduce or re-introduce people to comics then that’s fantastic for everyone, I think.

People asked for all sorts of characters to have sketches made of, and it’s always fun to draw characters I don’t normally do. I mean, I spent about 90% of my drawing time just drawing Rose over and over again these days, so busting out a quick Superman is a great change of pace.

IMG_0318 (1)

(Image courtesy Sabrina Davis)

I loved the kids who would correct me if I got a detail wrong, that kind of passion about their fave characters is awesome! Shout out to the kid who reminded me that Lakitu has three bits of hair coming out of his head, I kicked myself for forgetting that bit 🙂


It was weird to be drawing with pen and paper again, it’s not something I do very often at all these days, especially for other people. At the start I was even “pinch zooming” on the paper and trying to figure out why I couldn’t see the paper any closer. D’oh!


Big thanks to the friendly folk at Secret Identity, the other (awesomely talented and super nice) artists on display and of course everyone who turned up!