I’ve been making comics for many years now, for digital and print destinations around the world. My work’s appeared in Kotaku, Joystiq, Game Informer, Inked and of course, their own websites. I have successfully Kickstarted several print collections of my comics and my books have graced store shelves across the world.

Currently creating:

Rose is a family-friendly, feel-good comic about one woman’s eternal struggle over food, her family, food, her friends, food, animals, food, and…did I mention food? Fans of classic Archie will love what they see here. You can read more at


Blow The Cartridge is about retrogaming, our shared love of old videogames that we wasted our youth playing and obsessing over. There’s over 350 comics in the archive and new comics are added every week based on reader suggestions. You can read more at


On hiatus:

Presidog is about a dog who somehow became the president and the hinjinks that ensue from that. I don’t know. I stayed up too late watching Air Bud movies and wanted to make something for Disney to buy. You can read more at


Indy Game Developer stars a globe-trotting 1930’s style adventurer who tries to make videogames. He is always looking for buried treasure and a decent wifi to download the latest Unity updates. You can read more at


Funny Webcomic was my attempt to do a daily webcomic that featured something new every week. With over 1,,000 comics in the archive, I think it was a good way to learn some skills. You can read more at


Contact me

I’d love to talk to you about making comics and illustrations for your next creative project! Come say hello 🙂